Confidential document shredding

Confidential document shredding

JC Fibers has specialized in the field of confidential document destruction for the last 25 years.

To safely collect all of your  confidential documents, we suggest 360L padlocked bins with a slit on top. When these are full, our trucks come in for an exchange and bring them back to our facility. This site of confidential document destruction is strictly under high surveillance.

For your office space, we recommend consoles equally secured and then a shredding service is scheduled once these are full.

For those of you who wish to witness the procedure, we also offer on- site mobile shredding services.

Whether it be on a regular basis or on-call, our service is always professional and safeguarded. Upon  your request, we can also issue a certificate of destruction,  to confirm that your confidential documents were securely shredded.

We strongly urge all types of businesses to partake in confidential document destruction (accumulated confidential archives) at least once a year,  to avoid a buildup  of unnecessary reports.