Paper and cardboard recovery

Paper and cardboard recovery + mixed recyclable materials

We are at your service , to recover all of your paper and cardboard, and recommend the most suitable recycling program for you.

If you have a high volume of material (whether loose, baled or palletized), a spot  container/compactor (from 20-80 cubic yards) or trailer may be the solution for you.

Our compactors are made- to- measure based on the required pressure, the compacting capacity and the quantity of recyclable material produced. Since the compactor is generally attached to the existing building, the installation is dependent upon the available space.

If you have a small volume , a rear- end or front- end loader might be the better choice for you. We can collect all of your paper and cardboard with the use of bins, small containers or in bulk. We offer a variety of bins and containers for your offices and/or various locations,  to facilitate the transfer of material to our  trucks.

Our knowledgeable staff will take the time to evaluate all of your recycling needs and guide you in applying the most suitable and functional program for you.